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A family Affair



Limor Brothers was founded in the early 20th century, by Aharon Limor (Moritz), the great grandfather

of brothers Roy and Ory. Mr. Limor, a skilled

Belgian artisan, arrived to Israel in the early 1930’s and was one of the first to introduce the craft of diamond cutting to the local trade industry.

Tel Aviv’s diamond burse honores Aharon Limor
(Moritz) as an industry leader and a pioneer of the craft. Mr.Limor is awarded with the burse’s “Founding Member” certificate.


2007- Present

Udi Limor welcomes his sons Roy & Ory, 4th generation to the Limor legacy, into the family business. With his guidance and support, they lead the company to become one of the most well-respected trade establishments,
both in Israel and globally

In 1978, Aharon’s Limor’s (Moritz) grandson Udi joins the company and expands its operations to the US. He founded one of the first service houses in NY and positions Limor Brothers as an international
service provider with niche market expertise

Limor brothers Emerald cut

Limor Brothers was built on values of expertise, teamwork and consistency.
Today, our team of young & driven diamond experts steer the company onward, standing strong on the solid ground of knowledge & experience that were garnered at the company throughout the years. Today, we have clients in Asia, Europe and North America and are always happy to extend our services to new partners around the world.

limor brothers fancy tailor made diamonds

We are experts in the niche of fancy shape diamonds up to 1 carat in size.

marquise diamond
oval diamonds

We believe in sustained excellence. The ability to deliver the same product in quality and volume is at the very core of our business.  

Our services goes above and beyond as they

are the epitome of what we believe in:

Craftsmanship, Reliability, Discretion & Loyalty .

high quality diamonds

Responsible supply chain

We believe in transparency within the supply chain in all aspects related to employees'
rights and wellbeing, human rights, eco-consciousness & Kimberly process.

Limor brothers support all processes that can lead the diamond industry into the
forefront of ethical business practices.

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