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We are experts in the niche of fancy shape diamonds up to 1 carat in size.
Fancy shapes include EM, PS, MQ, OV as well as all square shapes.
The technical skills of our personnel combined with their experience of custom cutting diamonds, 
insures each stone is cut to a tee, per each stone.

The Cut

We stay true to our methods in which the diamonds are cut and pay deep attention to sizes, angles and proportions. We work with a dedicated team of artisans that have been a part of our family for years.


Large Scale

The fact that we generate large quantities of the same cut, allows us to organize our inventory in sets that are complementary to each other.

Cut To Mesure 

Our cutting method and large scale capabilities provide us with the tools to produce stones that are identical in cut, color and size, insuring a meticulous cutting process.

limor brothers diamonds
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