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A family Affair



Limor Brothers was founded in the early 20th century, by the (NAME Limor), the great grandfather of Roy & (NAME). Mr. Limor was a skilled Belgian artisan that came to Israel in the early 1930’s and was one of the first to introduce the craft of diamond cutting to the local trade industry.


Tel Aviv’s diamond burse honores Mr. Limor and his work as an industry leader and a pioneer of the craft. Mr.Limor is awarded with the burse’s “Founding Member” certificate.


The Brothers, Roy & (NAME), 4th generation to the Limor diamond cutting legacy, take over the company and position it to become of the most well-respected family-run establishments both in Israel & internationally.



“Remember where you came from. Appreciate where you are. Focus on where you’re going.”


Limor brothers was built on expertise of the craft and is now growing thanks to the passion we infuse in each and every day we come to work. Our team of young & bold diamond experts steer the company onward, standing strong on the solid ground of knowledge & expertise that were garnered at the company throughout the years.


The ability to consistently deliver the same product in quality and volume is at the very core of our business. This commitment is made possible thanks to the large quantities of inventory that we cut each month based on the same in-house formula we have perfected over the years.

We stay true to the method in which the diamonds are cut and pay deep attention to sizes, angles and proportions. We maintain technical standards and physical conditions at our factory and work with a dedicated team of artisans who have been working with us for years.

Our cutting technique has provided us with the ability to produce stones that are nearly identical in cut, color and size while putting great emphasis on precision and accuracy throughout the production process.
In addition, thanks to the fact that we generate large quantities of the same “make”, we are able to organize our inventory in sets that are complementary, if required. This means we can always match stones from separate sets to complete a series, per the client’s request.


One of the key factors in achieving consistency over time is the full control we have over the operation at our factory and the expertise of its team. Our factory facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies and its workers are masters of their craft. The technical skills of our personnel combined with their experience of custom cutting diamonds for decades, insure each stone is cut to a tee, per each size and shape.


Cut-to-measure | each stone can be customized in weight and size at the factory

Large Scale - Detail Oriented |  large quantities of inventory that are cut accurately with zero compromise on the cut’s make.

The Cut | even the smallest nuances of the diamonds cut remain intact due to our masterful operation. We leverage our diamond cutting expertise to maintain consistency of the cut’s features like angles, proportions & colors. 


We are a family first and foremost. Then, we work together as a team in which each member brings their special set of skills to achieve a common goal. We are bound by our dedication to deliver the perfect customer experience, from the way we cut our diamonds to the personal relationships we nurture with our clients.

Craftsmanship | our factory team’s vast knowledge and expertise enables production at the highest level of artisanship. 

Customer Success | our sales & management team is hard-working, discrete and loyal. We believe in building long-term partnerships based on trust and reliability.

Niche Market | small fancy-shape diamonds requires specific and unique expertise. Our team cuts diamonds from polished base to rough based to supply a full range of inventory goods.


Our Diamonds


All of our achievements, the ability to deliver consistency , expertise & service that exceeds expectations, were made possible because we work as a team towards a common goal.

121 [Converted]-02.png

Sizes start from 1/10-3/4


Emerald (EM)

121 [Converted]-04.png

Sizes start from 1/5-3/4

Radiants (RAD)

121 [Converted]-03.png

Sizes start from 1/10-3/4

Ascher-cut  (AS-C)

121 [Converted]-05.png

Sizes start from 1/10-3/4

Cushion  (CUS)

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